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59 Souls is a highly qualified and seasoned team with over forty combined years of experience in interactive software development, design, IT, computer graphics, and the arts. 59 Souls specializes in web development, eCommerce, IR/PR, mobile (Blackberry, iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile) and database application development, using a varied set of coding platforms such as .NET, J2EE, Java, PHP, LAMP, Silverlight and Flex. In addition to these core skill sets, the 59 Souls team sets itself apart from the competition by offering it’s clients stress-free fixed budgets, high quality project management, and creative “out of the box” thinking.


Our digital media consulting group works with small and large enterprise owners to create the best approach to solve complex technical interactive issues. By 59 Souls developing and reviewing different approaches to solve these problems, enables our clients to execute their goals in a cost effective hassles free manner. For businesses wanting to develop their digital initiatives, 59 Souls draws from over 50 years of combined experience and over 300 executed projects, in the areas of graphics, software, video production, applications design, mobile and post production. We can help management and make sure the that all your media goals are reached.

Key Services:

White Paper – Technical project reviews
White Paper – Software project review & analysis
White Paper – Project Design
White Paper – Application reviews, break downs and approaches
Social Media Campaign design and execution
Creative and artist design for user interfaces and user interaction
Budget creation and analysis
Meeting & Shadowing for firms



Dan Johnson

Dan Johnson

VP Business Development/Executive Producer

Daniel A. Johnson’s early involvement in technology and 3D animation for film and television help set the foundation for the industry as we know it today. With a masters in computer graphics animation from the New York Institute of Technology in the mid 80′s More…
Ivan Sanford

Ivan Sanford

Senior Digital Project Manager

Ivan Sanford is a seasoned digital project manager/producer and UI designer with 15+ years of production experience supervising and designing eCommerce sites, mobile sites, commercial DVDs, VOD applications, touchscreen kiosks and digital animations. More…

Sona Banker

Sona Banker

Acting CFO

Sona is an independent strategic and financial consultant with over 10 years experience advising start-ups and small companies with a range of services delivered, include financial modeling, strategic planning, support through the capital-raising process, and acting CFO services. More…

Dr. Leslie Barrett

Dr. Leslie Barrett

SEO/Software Architect

Dr. Barrett has worked in the field of Computational Linguistics for over 9 years. She has been involved in product development in the areas of Machine Translation, Speech Synthesis, Automated Question-Answering and Information Extraction. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from Smith College and Ph.D. from New York University. More…

Jimmy Wong

Jimmy Wong

Head of Engineering

Jim is the Web and App Development Manager, a workaholic and conference enthusiast that’s physically attached to his smartphone. More…

Kitt Johnson

Kitt Johnson

Associate Producer

Kitt Johnson is a History graduate from the University of Plymouth, England and is beginning to assert himself in production roles for 59 Souls. He has helped the team as an associate producer to evaluate projects, organize content, assure product quality and report technical issues. More…

Eric Adem

Eric Adem

Lead Web and Software Developer

When not daydreaming about the next custom WordPress plugin he’s going to create, Eric keeps himself busy with web and software development projects using PHP, MySQL, C# and a myriad of other technologies. Eric, now a member of the 59 Souls team, has worked in software development for over 30 years, More…


Augmented Reality for Industrial Use – ARI


59 Souls, Inc. is conducting preliminary API component testing and is starting the “functional specification phase” of developing a software platform and service addressing the new and emerging market of “augmented reality” in this case, for retail, ARI™. The Company envisions creating a full service analytics and content based software platform for major retail brands in the B2B (Business to Business) marketplace, leveraging from 59 Souls Inc. extensive enterprise e-commerce and web development experience, and bringing that to the augmented reality market space for retail and industrial use.



Our Clients


What Our Clients Are Saying…

“The expert team at 59 Souls designed and built my website several years ago, and has maintained it ever since. They are attentive, responsive and forward-thinking. Meticulous tech support combines with visionary leadership to maintain a solid base of customer service while advancing the client on the ever-evolving landscape of electronic communication. -Joan Pagano, Joan Pagano Fitness”


Pricing Philosophy

We have over forty years of combined experience in both technology and the arts.  In the majority of cases, after we receive your RFP (Request for Proposal), we’ll rapidly deliver to you a fixed budget and timeline based on milestones, which is called a functional speciation document.  We’ll put in the time to deliver a creative and cost effective solution for your technical application or issue which is based to the functional specification document.  A Highly focused senior project manager controls milestones & the budget’s control.  We have a core team of highly skilled IT professionals with additional trusted programmers, designers and project managers in reserve for larger projects.



Dear Friends, Colleagues & Clients,

We have a few updates. Firstly, the new site for 59 Souls Inc., will hope you like. It represents the whole team’s work and efforts.

Soon will be moving into new areas of product development this year, and will keep every one posted, but we can talk about that later.

What I really wanted to talk about now is a trend we’ve been noticing, and wanted to share and address it. We find many businesses owners (small and large) are having a hard time getting a handle on this web tech stuff. Regardless, all businesses need some form of digital expertise before they can garner web presence.

So here’s what we are going to do: during the next four months, for a nominal fee of $50.00 (for a 1/2 hour of our time), we will answer any of your questions on all CMS software platforms, content tools, media strategies, and how to organize your content. Large or small, get your queries ready. We believe this will help everyone, but it is just the start of what we can offer.

We would like to help educate potential clients or just those wishing to learn something about web development. In addition to our team, we also have partners who will be willing to provide knowledge on specific topics, if 59 Souls is unable to. Think of it as a boot camp, without someone shouting at you.

Branding, and all that goes with it, is another issue. Sure, we have artists, designers and software developers and that’s our area of expertise, but we also bring years of digital experience. Some business owners and start-ups need guidance before they build their identity, one of the most important steps to establishing a footprint in the digital domain.

Everyone wants to get off on the right foot and save time and money.

Email us back at the address below, let’s set up a call. I think we can help.

Hey what’s $50.00 bucks, two Martinis in Soho?


Daniel A. Johnson
VP Business Development | Chief Creative Officer.