WordPress Website Design

Wordpress Website Design

There are many choices for designing a website for your online business. A content management system (CMS) enables you to easily maintain your web pages by logging in to an administration panel. WordPress is one of the most popular CMS on the web because it is simple to install, customize, manage and maintain. Let us look at why you should pick WordPress to design and build your website.

6 advantages of designing your site with a WordPress Website Design Agency

1. Simple setup

Most popular Web hosting providers have WordPress contained in their strategies. This implies you don't have to use FTP to upload all your files to the server. Instead you log in to the cpanel of your Web host and click on the Fantastico icon to locate the WordPress link. Clicking on the WordPress link enables you to install the WordPress software on the server.

2. Easy customization

After installing the WordPress applications the default template will be displayed. There are hundreds of free WordPress templates accessible on the internet. Only Google free “WordPress templates” and you will receive a whole list of them. Choose the template you like and download the zipped files to your background. After unzipping the files, upload them to the theme folder on the server. Once this is done login to your administration panel and go to Settings – Appearance and select the new theme. When you refresh your web page the new topic will be shown.

3. Simple care

Within the administration panel you can add, edit or delete blog posts and pages without having to learn HTML. A simple editor is supplied that enables you to write content in a similar way to a Microsoft Word document. All web pages are stored in a database. This enables you to create as many pages as you like and manage them all within the government panel.

4. Search engine friendly

WordPress allows you to create search engine friendly URLs. After composing your site post you can edit the ending of your website address to reveal the name of your post. Additionally, there are search engine plugins that empower you to create optimized title and description tags for your content. Every time you write a new post WordPress automatically alarm the search engines of new content. Often a new site post will appear almost immediately in the search engine results pages once it is been released.

5. RSS feeds

These are built into the WordPress software so visitors can easily subscribe to your feeds with their RSS reader. They only have to click on the yellow RSS feed icon to subscribe to your content. Save time and money with WordPress to design and construct your next site or web site. You will be glad you did.